Peple 1st phase

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Job title, academic degree, academic title

Area of research interests

Role in the project

Klaus Peter Koltermann Professor, Dr. rer. nat. Natural hazards, warning and mitigation systems, large-scale ocean circulation, climate change Leading Scientist of NRAL
Baburin V.L. Professor, Doctor of Science, head of Department Interaction of environment and society, societal and economic systems Researcher, contributing to WP7, Building Risk assessments and projections
Dobrolyubov S.A. Professor, Doctor of Science, Deputy Dean, Corresponding member of Russian Acad. Sci. Ocean-atmosphere interaction, ocean’s role in climate Deputy head of the Lab, co-coordinating WP1, analysis ocean climate signals
Gulev  S.K. Leading researcher, professor, doctor of science, Corresponding member of RAS Climate variability, ocean’s role in climate change, cyclone activity, wind wave dynamics Leading WP 1, Contributing to WP2, 3. Understanding the predictive potential of extremes, coordination of the model experiments with high resolution models.
Kulikov E.A. Doctor of Science Physical oceanography Leader of working group, WP 3,4, statistical analysis of extremes, ROMS modelling
Kislov A.V. Professor, Doctor of Science, head of the Department of meteorology Climate projections, regional extreme analysis Leader of working group, WP4, analysis of regional model simulations, development of the regional composites
Semenov V.А. Leading researcher, doctor of science Atmospheric and climate modeling, regional climate change, analysis of mechanisms of climate extremes in models and in data Leading WP 3, contributing to WP1, WP2. Set-up of climate model experiments in different resolutions, analysis of ensemble experiments with climate models from the CMIP5 ensemble.
Surkova G.V. Associate professor, PhD Coastal atmospheric processes Contributing to WP4, wind forcing
Toropov P.A. Associate professor, PhD Mesoscale modeling of atmosphere Contributing to WP4, mesoscale modeling
Arkhipkin V.S. Associate professor, PhD Modeling of coastal circulation and waves Leader of working groupWP4, storm waves modeling
Shnyparkov A.L. Leading researcher, PhD Risk analysis, investigation of mudflows Leader of working groupWP6, regional risk assessment
SokratovS.A. Senior researcher, PhD Risk analysis, investigation of avalanches Contributing to WP6, WP7, mountain risk assessment
Zolina O.G. Senior researcher, PhD Extreme value statistics, estimation of climate extremes, regional precipitation and hydroclimate Contributing to WP2, WP3. Development of the advanced statistical metrics for quantifying climate extremes, regional projections of hydroclimate extremes.
Alekseevsky,N.N. Professor, Doctor of Science, head of Department River sediments, hydro-ecology and hydrological risks Leader of working group, WP6, 7, supervising analyses of hydroclimate extremes
Magritsky, D.V. Associate professor, PhD River mouths,  river flow accounts, databases Contributing to WP 4,5, River flow modelling, quantifying compound hydroclimate extremes and the role of groundwater recharges
Frolova, N.L. Professor, Doctor of Science Hazardous hydrological processes Leading WP6, Performing risk assessment for hydrological hazards, development of statistical methods for analysing extremes.
Krylenko, I.N. Junior scientific researcher, PhD Hydrological  modeling, mountain hydrology Contributing to WP 4,5. Operating hydrological model experiments, supervising assessment of flood risks
Tilinina, Natalia Research associate Cyclone tracking and analysis of cyclone life cycle in different data products and models. Contributing to WP1, WP3. Cyclone tracking and estimation of cyclone life cycle parameters in model simulations of future climate
Ronzhina T.V. Scientific researcher, PhD Modeling of subsurface water and salt migration Contributing to WP6, assessment of ecological risks
Kasatenkova M.S. Junior scientific researcher, PhD Geochemistry of  marches Contributing to WP6, risks for soils and agriculture
Yumina,N.M. Junior scientific researcher, PhD River flow assessments and forecasts Contributing to WP 2, 4, building the model of river flooding, compound extremes
Klimenko, E.S. PhD student Investigation of avalanches, risk analysis Contributing to WP5, 6, models of snow/glacier – climate interactions, assessment of avalanche risks
Zemtsov, S.P. PhD student Society and nature interaction, economical risks Researcher, contributing to WP6, socio-economic surveys
Gippius, F.N. PhD student Ocean circulation models Contributing to WP2, 3, modeling of extreme events in marine environment, experiments with ROMS and WAVEWATCH
Gomorev, I.A. PhD student Climate models and natural disaster prediction Contributing to WP1, 2, analysis of climate model experiments, estimates of predictability
Efremova N.A. PhD student Spring flow modeling and forecasts Contributing to WP 2, 4, building the model of river flooding,
Lebedeva S.V. PhD student Flood plain modeling and river bed processes Contributing to WP 2, 4, building the model of river flooding,
Malyarenko E.A. Student Coastal circulation  models Contributing to WP  4, coastal circulation modeling
Arkhipova A.A. Student Wave models Contributing to WP  4, wave  modeling
Fadeev M.S. Student Economical risk analysis Contributing to WP 6, socio-economic risk
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