Description 1ts phase

Goals and objectives

The main goal of this project is to identify the mechanisms driving the intensity of extreme hazardous events in coastal zones in European Russia, to identify regions most at risk of compound extremes in the present climate conditions and to provide accurate assessment of risks of these extremes under climate change in the next century. In order to achieve this goal the following objectives are to be met:
• Identification and physical description of the ocean-related mechanisms driving the compound extremes in the coastal zones;
• Assessment of the regional sensitivity of coastal extreme events (storm surges, flash and river floods, ground water recharge breaks, abrupt shifts of geochemical barriers) over European Russia to local and non-local ocean-related factors and identification of high-risk regions;
• Regional analysis of the role of different hydroclimatological, hydrogeological and geochemical factors in forming critical limits of environmental changes in coastal zones under climate change conditions;
• Development of highly accurate projections of the occurrence and intensity of coastal extreme events in key-regions critically exposed to climate change under several climate scenarios for 21st century;
• Assessment of risks of coastal hazards of a compound nature for different coastal areas and identification of the most vulnerable regional natural resources, including agricultural and vegetation potential, water resource availability and quality;
• Merging results of the above analyses to identify regions in European Russia critically exposed to coastal extremes and development of high quality regional scenarios of environmental changes and associated strategies for managing and mitigation of projected risks to avert disasters.

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