«Natural risk assessment in the coastal zone»
December 14, 2012

9.45 -10.00 Registration

10.00-13.30 Opening remarks

Presentation of summary and open questions
WP 6. Regional risk assessments of extreme coastal hazards in different regions

10.10-10.30 A. Shnyparkov
Snow avalanches, debris flows and hydro meteorological emergency situations risk assessment

10.30-10.45 N.Smirnov
Regional probabilistic risk assessments of extreme events, their magnitude and frequency

10.45-11.00 V. Baburin
Integrated assessment of socio-economic risks of dangerous hydrological phenomena in Russian coastal zones of the Baltic, the Azov and the Black Seas
WP 5. Regional projections of extreme events in the coastal zones in 21st century

11.00-11.30 V. Semenov
A role of multi-decadal natural variability in forming weather and climate anomalies in Russia.

11.30-12.00 Coffee break
WP 4. Responses of regional geochemistry, soil morphology, coastal erosion and water quality to extreme events in coastal zones

12.00-12.30 T. Repkina, M..Lychagin
Scenarios of changes in coastal systems of seas of the European Russia
WP 3. Indirect large-scale ocean impacts on regional coastal extreme events

12.30-13.00 A. Kislov, G. Surkova, D. Gushina, P. Toropov, D. Blinov
Atmospherically – induced hazards in the coastal zone and the possibility of their decadal and centennial prediction.

13.00-13.30 S. Gulev
Ocean related Extremes: Where to start ?

13.30-14.30 Lunch      

14.30-15.00 Presentation of summary and open questions

WP 2. Regional continental hydrological cycle in European coastal zones

15.00-15.30 D. Magritsky
The dangerous hydrological phenomena
WP 1. Hind-casting of storm surges in the key coastal regions of European Russia and the relative importance of ocean-related factors for associated coastal flooding

15.30-15.50 E. Kulikov
Study of Baltic Sea level variability and mechanisms of forming the extreme sea level rises (floods) in the Gulf of Finland

15.50-16.10 V. Arkhipkin
Modeling of wind waves and storm surges in the Caspian, Black, Azov and Baltic Seas

16.10-17.30 Summary of workshop results

16.10-16.40 Presentation of new proposal NRAL 2013 – 2014

16.40-17.30 General discussion

17.30-19.00 Conference Dinner

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