Seminar in Volynskoe Dec’12

At the NRAL Seminar at “Volynskoe” on Dec. 14, 2012 the activities of the first two years of the laboratory were presented to all staff. Discussions helped to identify important results, indicating close co-operation between partners and gaps to fill. Peter Koltermann and Sergey Dobrolyubov presented the proposal for extending the present grant. After having laid the ground-work for inter-disciplinary co-operation it now focuses more on the climate-related risks, including regional projections and socio-economic impacts. Peter Koltermann thanked all participants for their active involvement and support. He also expressed his hope that the extension grant will be accepted to continue this successful and forwarding leading work.

Agenda Item Speakers Topic Presentations
WP6 A. Shnyparkov Snow avalanches, debris flows and hydro meteorological emergency situations risk assessment Shnyparkov
WP6 N. Smirnov Regional probabilistic risk assessments of extreme events, their magnitude and frequency Smirnov
WP6 V. Baburin Integrated assessment of socio-economic risks of dangerous hydrological phenomena in Russian coastal zones of the Baltic, the Azov and the Black Seas Baburin
WP6 V. Semenov A role of multi-decadal natural variability in forming weather and climate anomalies in Russia Semenov
WP4 T. Repkina, M. Lychagin, T. Ronzhina Scenarios of changes in coastal systems of seas of the European Russia Ronzhina
WP4 A. Kislov Atmospherically – induced hazards in the coastal zone and the possibility of their decadal and centennial prediction Kislov
WP4 S. Gulev Ocean related Extremes: Where to start? Gulev
WP2 D. Magritsky Dangerous hydrological phenomena Magritsky
WP2 E. Kulikov Study of Baltic Sea level variability and mechanisms of forming the extreme sea level rises (floods) in the Gulf of Finland Kulikov
WP2 V. Arkhipkin Modeling of wind waves and storm surges in the Caspian, Black, Azov and Baltic Seas Arkhipkin
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