Seminar in St-Petersburg Feb’12

8 Febrauary 2012 the results of 3 megagrants was presented on science seminar in Russian State
Hydrometeorological University (Saint-Petersburg).

Seminar’s Photo.

Sergey Zilitinkevich, Bertrand Chapron and Peter Koltermann

Sergey Zilitinkevich, Bertrand Chapron and Peter Koltermann


To review progress of the NRAL work, its Work Packages, and to specify the major blocks of the deliverables and publications.

To identify work for the next period.

To discuss needs in travels, equipment, new people in staff, materials, and also plans for publications.

To indicate areas where the co-operation between the WPs is essential and to discuss steps to initiate/improve this co-operation.

Speakers Topic Presentations
RSHU B. Chapron Satellite Oceanographic Laboratory: Education, Research and Transfer to the Society and Economy World chapron
UNN S. Zilitinkevich Взаимодействие атмосферы, гидросферы и поверхности суши: физические механизмы, методы
мониторинга и контроля планетарных пограничных слоев и качества окружающей среды
MSU P.Koltermann Risk Assessment of Ocean-related Extreme Events in the Coastal Zone koltermann
UNN S. Zilitinkevich Degeneration of turbulence and turbulence closure for stably stratified geophysical flows zilitinkevich
RisO national laboratory Soren Larsen Сoastal meteorology, especially focused on Wind Energy issues
UNN Yu. Troitskaya Физическое моделирование взаимодействия атмосферы и океана при ураганном ветре troitskaya
MSU Yu. Zulaeva Атмосферные факторы формирования экстремальных природных явлений в береговой зоне zulyaeva
MSU S. Myslenkov, G. Surkova Storms activity: wave modelling and atmospheric circulation myslenkov
RSHU Kudryavtsev V.N. Snow avalanches, debris flows, snowfalls and others kudryavcev
MSU D. Magritsky, D. Guschina Опасные гидрологические явления в устьях рек и их связь с синоптической ситуацией magritsky
MSU A. Shnyparkov Селевые паводки на Черноморском побережье Кавказа: причины, механизмы и оценка риска» shnyparkov
MSU V. Baburin Оценка потенциальных ущербов для населения и хозяйства береговой зоны baburin
Stating priorities, requirements, communication etc.
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