Seminar in IO RAS

23 April 2012 the results of Nral work was presented on science seminar in PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS.


To review progress of the NRAL work, its Work Packages, and to specify the major blocks of the deliverables and publications.

To identify work for the next period.

To discuss needs in travels, equipment, new people in staff, materials, and also plans for publications.

To indicate areas where the co-operation between the WPs is essential and to discuss steps to initiate/improve this co-operation.

Speakers Topic Presentations
RSHU P. Koltermann Introduction Koltermann
UNN S. Gulev On which Time-Scales does the Ocean drive the Atmosphere gulev
MSU I.Zveryaev Russian summer heat wave 2010: Climatological background and intraseasonal evalution zveryaev
UNN V. Semenov Cold winters of the 21st century as a non-linear atmosphere circulation response to the Arctic sea ice melt Semenov
RisO national laboratory N. Tilinina Intercomparison of Cyclone Characteristics from different Methods and Products tilinina
UNN E. Kulikov Modelling Storm Surges in the Baltic Sea kulikov
MSU V. Arkhipkin Time series of significant wave heights on the Сaspian Sea Arkhipkin
MSU S. Mukhametov Report of Task Team «Catalogue of hazards of the coastal zone» Mukhametov
RSHU D. Guschina Synoptical situations associated to the various types of inundations in European part of Russia Guschina
MSU I. Krylenko Flooding of the coastal zones Krylenko
MSU E. Iliushina Calculating risk, economical and individual Iliushina
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