Seminar in Abrau-Durso June’12

From 16 to 19 June, 2012 a seminar “Natural and Social Risks in the Coastal Zone of the Black and Azov Seas” took place in Durso, Krasnodar Region, organized by the Natural Risk Assessment Laboratory NRAL, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University. The seminar was attended by members of the NRAL, MSU, Moscow, led by the leading scientist K. P. Koltermann and representatives of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region and staff of United Nations University, Institute for Environment  and Human Security  in Bonn (Germany).

The seminar focused on dangerous natural phenomena in the river valleys and at the sea coast of the Russian part of the Black and Asov Seas, together  with their social-economics risks and damages. The participants discussed several natural hazards in the region, and the threat and risk they pose for the economy. They also discussed the co-operation between agencies and the support that NRAL can provide.

During the seminar 13 reports were presented (see list below). Particular  attention was given to the  problem of evaluation of social-economic risks of dangerous hydrometeorogical processes for the Southern part of Russia. Such hazardous phenomena for the region as flooding, heavy rainfall  and gales , sea surges, debris flows, landslides, river channel processes, geochemical pollution of territory were discussed.

Field inspections of the zones of dangerous natural phenomena in coastal zones of the Krasnodar region were  included in the programme of the seminar. It covered flooding zones of rivers of Black sea basin and the Kuban river, the location of the dam break and flooding in the Abray valley. Several limans, the Kerch Strait, the spit of Tuzla, flooding zones of high water of 2002, bank defense constructions were also visited.

As a result of the seminar the important problems of the region connected with dangerous natural processes such as floods, were identified, contacts of scientists from the Moscow State University and representatives of local administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations were established,  plans for  further work on an assessment of social and economic risks and damages, and also possibilities for improving the awareness and preparedness   of the population in emergency situations were drawn up.


Agenda Item Speaker Topic Presentations
MSU S.A.Dobrolyubov, V.S.Arhipkin Modelling of storm undulation in the Russian seas arkhipkin
Federal Service of Hydrometeorology A.A.Bazelyuk Risks of hazardous hydrometeorological events in the south of European part of Russia bazeluk
South B. IO RAS M.V.Krylenko, V.V.Krylenko Dynamics of accumulative coasts of the Black Sea under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors krylenko
South B. IO RAS N.V.Esin Changes of Black sea level in Pleistocene – Holocene and characteristics of modern abrasion processes esin
Kuban Basin Water Managment Office S.V.Sapranov Hazardous channel processes in the Mzymta basin and area of Olympic objects construction sapranov
South Federal University V.A.Alekseenko Natural and anthropogenic geochemical anomalies on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas alekseenko
Department of natural resources of committee on environmental protection and natural resources of the Rostov region O.V.Grimova Bank destructions on the water objects of Rostov region grimova
South Federal University Y.A.Fedorov Geochemical characteristics of Asov – Black seas region fedorov
Krasnodar Central Hydrometeorological Service Y.Y.Tkachenko, A.L.Tolstikov Dangerous meteorological phenomena on the Black sea coast, associated with the heavy rainfalls tkachenko
MSU A.L.Shnyparkov Mudflow and avalanche danger of territory of the Russian Black Sea coast shnyparkov
MSU N.I.Alekseevsky, I.N.Krylenko, D.V.Magritsky, N.M.Yumina Dangerous hydrological events in the coastal zones of the Azov and Black Seas Alekseevsky_abrau
UNU, Bonn N. Gebert The role of assessing social vulnerability for managing disaster risk. Conceptual considerations and practical examples gebert
MSU S.P.Zemtsov Socio-economic assessment of flood risk in the coastal zones of the Azov and Black Seas zemtsov
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