NRAL Seminar. Sep`2011

NRAL Seminar, Sptember 20, 2011, 12:30-18:00, Room 2101, Peter Koltermann

Peter Koltermann

Peter Koltermann


To review progress of the NRAL work, its Work Packages, and to specify the major blocks of the deliverables and publications.

To identify work for the next period.

To discuss needs in travels, equipment, new people in staff, materials, and also plans for publications.

To indicate areas where the co-operation between the WPs is essential and to discuss steps to initiate/improve this co-operation.

Speakers Topic Presentations
WP 1 S. Myslenkov Regional Ocean, modelling, storm surges, waves wp1_myslenkovl.pdf
WP 2 I. Krylenko Precipitation and hydrology Hydrological block: Risks of the hazardous hydrological processes (HHP) in the environmental and economic coastal zones wp2_krylenko.pdf
WP 2 S. Sokratov Snow avalanches, debris flows, snowfalls and others wp2_sokratov.pdf
WP 2 V. Baburin Estimation of damages for coastal constructions of the Finland Gulf wp2_baburin.pdf
WP 4 M. Lychagin Assessment of the responses of regional geochemistry, soil morphology, coastal erosion and water quality to the extreme events in coastal zones wp4_lychagin.pdf
WP 4 E. Selezneva Representation of the geomorphological results wp4_selezneval.pdf
WP 3 A. Kislov Conribution of atmospheric working group wp3_kislov.pdf
WP 5 V. Semenov Impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on climate/Methodology of improved decadal climate prediction wp5_semenovl.pdf
Stating priorities, requirements, communication etc.
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