NRAL expedition to Gelendzhik was held during August 11-20 2012

NRAL expedition to Gelendzhik (Krasnodar region) to assess the impacts of extreme floods, which occurred July 6, 2012 was held during August 11-20 2012. The participants were members of the creative team of the laboratory: Sergey Mukhametov, Stanislav Myslenkov, Timofey Samsonov. and Ksenia Silvestrova.

The objective of the expedition was to conduct topographic surveys in the valleyof Yashamba river and adjacent coastal areas (lengthwise and transversal valley profiles, flooding marks, survey of mouth), and bathymetric survey of BlueBay. During the work, geodetic measurements were also made ​​in the South Branch of the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology to facilitate reconstruction of local infrastructure. The surveys were directed to detailed description of topography changes that occurred during the flood on July 6. Additional information was acquired by polling local inhabitants and taking photos of the buildings inside the flood area.

Collected data will be used in the reconstruction of the maximum level of the river to simulate water flow, sediment load and damage to the local population.

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